FUNK, ROCK EMILE-2010's, Funk, Groove, Dance, Classic Rock, Cheerful, Demure, Emotional, Innocent, Optimistic, Pensive, Romantic, Seductive 3:47
AMERICANA,ROCK LEARN TO LOVE- 1970, Classic Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Energetic, Hypnotic, Motivated, Mystical, Soaring. 1:31
AMERICANA, ROCK BUMPER NATURAL HIGH- 1970, Rock, Flowing, Epic, Innocent, Proud,-The Who. 2:08
AMERICANA ORANGE SUNSHINE- 1960, Keyboards, Organ Underscore, Exotica Lounge, Cook, Hypnotic, Demure, Emotional, Dream-like, Mellow, Joyful, Optimistic,Melancholy, Peaceful-Todd Rundgren. 1:56
AMERICANA,ROCK BUMPER THE WORD IS HERE- 1980, Rock Bumper, Majestic, Motivated, Positive, Satisfied,. 1:04
AMERICANA, ROCK BUMPER TALL AND PROUD- 70's, L1970, 1990, 2000, Rock Band, Rock, Americana Bright, Cheerful, Confident, Determined, Hopeful, Pensive, Satisfied, -Who, REM. 2:06
AMERICANA, SOUL SUMMER BURN- 70's, Laid Back, Movie Theme, Soul Groove, Trombones, Rhodes Piano, Emotional, Dark, Dramatic, Haunting, Heatwarming, Mellow, Pensive. 110 1:25
AMERICANA, ETHNIC SO SORRY- Tango, Accordion, Nylon Guitar, Ethnic, Dance Groove, Haunting, Dramatic, Cool, Dark, Sexy, Worried. 105 3:43
AMERICANA, ROCK ON THE BACK SIDE- Funky, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, 70's, Trumpet, Groove, Anxious, Energized, Hopeful, Positive. 83 2:43
AMERICANA, POP MAY DAY- 12 String Acoustic, Happy, Drum Loop, Guitars, UpBeat,Cheerful, Inspiring, Hypnotic, Otimistic, Pensive, Quirky. 120 2:24
AMERICANA FILM/TV COUNTY CLOWN- , Rock Band, Trumpets, Circus, Adventurous, Determined, Powerful, Thoughtful, Satisfied, 2010 Era. 128 1:22
AMERICANA, POP MORE THAN THIS- Hipster, commercials, Bouncy, Celebratory, Anxious, Confident, Optimistic, Inspiring, Thoughtful. 123 1:09
AMERICANA/POP CROOKED SMILE- Medium Tempo, Pop, Todd Rundgren, Hall and Oakes, Quirky, Toy Piano, Mellotron, 8th Note, Dreamy,Blissful, Bouncy, Cheerful, Emotional, Inspiring, Melancholy, Serene, Whimsical. 104 1:17
AMERICANA,1930S GANDY DANCER- Old Time sounding, TV theme, Trumpets, Accordion, Tenor Banjo, Big Band, Ethnic, Nostalgic, Haunting. 150 2:05
AMERICANA, FILM/TV NO REGRETS- Strings, Pensive, Sad, Meloncholic. Slow Moving, Dramatic, Lonely, Pensive, Reflective. 74 1:59
ELECTRONICA, ROCK THE PASSION BURNS- Electronica,Mysterious, Moody, Adventure, Dark,Aggressive, Surreal, Shocked. 106 2:23
AMERICANA. FILM/TV THOUGHTLESS- Flute, 70s TV groove, mysterious, Motivated, Hypnotic, Hypnotic. 119 3:38
BLUES JIMMY & NEIL- Organ Trio, Blues, Film/TV, Bar-Lounge, Bouncy, Cheerful, Cool, Fun, Joyful, Bright, Satisfied. 163 3:32
RAGTIME, JAZZ FREE BEER RAG- Solo Piano, Anxious, Bouncy, 1920s, Cheerful, Energetic, Humorous, Light, Whimsical. 240 :53
BLUES/AMERICANA FUNKY1- Funk Band, Trumpets, Organ, Confident, Dynamic, Energetic, Inspiring, Joyful, Motivational, Quirky, Proud. 100 :42
AMERICANA GOOD TIMES AHEAD- Rock Band, Mandolins, organ, Accordion, Bouncy, Calm, Content, Emotional, Happy, Innocent, Melancholy, Positive. 109 2:05
AMERICANA, CLASSIC ROCK CHERRY WINE- Accordion, mandolin, fiddle melody, Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, Bright, Angry, Determined, Lively, Optimistic, Positive, Proud. 124 2:03
BLUES/AMERICANA CLUB 6060-Boogaloo, Rhodes Piano, Organ, Accordion, Bass line, Synthesizer, Moody, Pensive, Quirky, Strange, Quirky. 112 1:47
ELECTRONICA RIDING THE TUBE-Sexy, electronica, Drama, percussive feel. 123 1:47
AMERICANA SIPPING SUNSHINE-Acoustic, Accordion, Hopeful, determined. 94 1:37
AMERICANA, ETHNIC WEDDING IN ROMA-Emotional, ethnic, melancholy. 92 1:40
AMERICANA SOLVING THE PUZZLE-Quirky, mysterious, mystical, Sax, Portishead Sounding. 65 1:36
AMERICANA TWEET THIS!-Playful, motivated, Industrious, Uplifting, 70s, Organ, Piano. 105 1:19
PUB ROCK NOTHING IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR-Vocal, Irish Pub, Pogues, Banjo, Accordion, Punk Guitar, Aggressive, Fighting, Drinking Introspective. 144 2:33
ELECTRONIC/DANCE MEMORIES-Acid Jazz, Drum Groove, Spooky, Moody, Demure, Hypnotic, Motivated, Sexy. 133 2:02
AMERICANA/1940'S BERLIN WALTZ-1940's, Ethnic, Cocktail Jazz, European, clarinet, accordions, piano, Demure, Elegant, Heartwarming, Hopeful, Melancholy, Quirky, Whimsical. 109 1:43
CHRISTMAS/1940'S WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS-Vocals, Big Band, Jazz 1930's, Carols, Christmas, Well Known Tunes, Heartwarming, Melancholy, Peaceful, Joyful. 133 1:27
ELECTRONICA KNOBBY ROAD-Electronica, Underscore, 2010's, Mellotron, Spooky, Dark, Paranoid, Surreal, Strange, Hopeful. 124 1:16
CLASSIC ROCK/FUNK WHERE YOU GOING?-Funk Band, Classic Rock, 1970's, Rhodes, Synthesizer, Bass, Funky Drum Groove, Blissful, Anxious, Bouncy, Determined, Lively, Motivational, Positive, Sultry. 133 1:27

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