Touring History
Year Artist National/Regional Label Instruments
2013-2014 Max Gomez National New West Accordion, Mandolin, Keyboards
2006-2011 Lowen and Navarro National Red Hen Accordion, Keyboards
2005 Socal Distortion National Atlantic Hammond B3, Keyboards
2004 Serralde National Universal Keyboards, Accordion
2004 Lowen & Navarro National Red Hen Keyboards, Accordion, BKG Vocals
2003 Tracy Chapman National and European Elektra Keyboards, Accordion, Melodica, Guitar, BKG Vocals
2001-02 Lucinda Williams National Lost Highway Keyboards, Accordion
2001 Grant-Lee Phillips National Zoë/Rounder Keyboards, Bkg. Vocal
2000 Kina National Dreamworks Keyboards, Accordion
1999 Shawn Mullins Australian Tour Columbia Keyboards, Accordion, Mandolins, Bkg. Vocal
1999 Grant Lee Buffalo Australian Tour Warner Bros. Keyboards, Accordion, Mandolins, 12-String Guitar, Bkg. Vocal
1998 Grant Lee Buffalo National Warner Bros. Keyboards, Accordion, Mandolins, 12-String Guitar, Bkg. Vocal
1996-97 John Prine National Oh Boy Musical Director, Accordion, Keyboards, Mandolins, Bkg. Vocal
1996-97 Dave Koz National Capitol Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Piano, Accordion, 6/12-String Guitars, Bkg. Vocal
1996 John Prine European Tour Oh Boy Musical Director, Keys, Accordion, Mandolins, Bkg. Vocal
1995 John Prine US and Canada Oh Boy Musical Director, Hammond B-3, Accordion, Keys, Mandolins, Trumpet, Mellophone, Bkg. Vocal
1995 Lowen and Navarro National Mercury Keys, Accordion, Mandolin
1994 John Prine National Oh Boy Electric Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Bkg. Vocal
1994 Jump in the Water National Mercury Accordion, Mandolin, Bkg. Vocal
1993-94 Rod Stewart International Tour Warner Bros. 6/12-String Guitars, Mandolin, Accordion, Trumpet
1992 Marvin Etzioni Regional (w/Toad the Wet Sprocket) Restless Accordion, Keyboards, Euphonium, Bkg. Vocal
1992 John Prine National (w/Cowboy Junkies) and Regional (x2) Oh Boy Accordion, Keyboards, Piano, Mandolins, Bkg. Vocal
1991 John Prine National (w/Bonnie Raitt) and Regional Oh Boy Accordion, Keyboards, Electric and Acoustic Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Bkg. Vocal
1991 The Bros. Figaro Regional (x2) (w/Billy Bragg, and w/The Havalinas) Geffen 12-String Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Lead Vocal
1983 Joan Baez National US and Canada Virgin Musical Director, Piano, Keyboards, Bkg. Vocal